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MS PowerShell, tips and tricks

Some Powershell odds and ends, so I don’t forget em:

To look for an environment variable, matching a pattern:

Get-WmiObject -query "select * from Win32_Environment" | where {$_.VariableValue.contains("131")}

Some other random PowerShell links:

How to share Blackberry internet with your PC

The easy but not so cheap way to get internet access on your PC is via the Tether app.

The harder but free way is shown here.

You will need the T-Mobile, APN settings (if you are on T-mobile), namely:

Username – (leave blank)
Password – (leave blank)

See here for other UK network settings.

Once that is working, you need to setup internet sharing on your laptop, to give yourself a local WiFi.

Windows/PC – how to.

Mac/OSX – how to.

After that you should have access to the internet via WiFi from your laptop.

Hope that helps…

Touch screen/Transparent Monitor, ala Minority Report

Wonder when those will become reality…
Like in the trailer for Date Night (see 1:30 into the trailer) it shows Mark Wahlberg using it.

Loving my 3 MiFi – now its unlocked :)

I got a 3 MiFi a few months back, then recently paid them £15 for it to be unlocked and now its working great with my Vodafone PAYG broadband sim – 2.5Mbps down/2Mbps up :).

Had to do a little fiddling to get the firmware updated so that I had access to the web control panel.

But once I had the correct APN/user/pass settings in place its working like a charm.

I also found some info on the modem and the links are here:

PS Now I am ready for the WiFi only iPad :)

PPS Maybe I should get one or more of these for JA…

In war, truth is the first casualty

-another fun episode

Yahoo Email – how to get support?

A friend recently had an issue with their Yahoo! email – it got compromised and the hacker started sending out begging letters. We tried contacting Yahoo! to get the account locked at a minimum or perhaps even to regain access.

Alas with no joy, weeks later, the account is still active and sending out spam. I guess the issue is that as far as Yahoo! is concerned the spammer is acting like the owner and the real owner has no way of proving that they are the real owner.

I wonder if Google/Hotmail would be able to do anything better…

It does not help that Yahoo! has no “real person” support – its all via supoort forms/email that takes days to be responded to.

My WordPress RSS widget – is not updating…

Wonder if this is due to my misconfiguration (probably) or the Twitter RSS feed does not update in real time (perhaps)…

Another iphone test

This time from the WordPress app :) – seems ok. iTunes reviews did not seem that good but reviews on Chomp were better :)

Testing a post from iPhone

Good night ‘tinternet

My very own Word Press site

This is my first post on my new site…