AirPrint to an Ubuntu shared printer via CUPS


I have a printer linked to my Ubuntu server at home (sisko/10-ish), which is used for printing from anywhere in the house. It seems that the new AirPrint stuff in iOS4.2 can work with this, with a little jiggery pokery.

The links I have found on it so far are:

After following the above…

Sisko seems to have an issue with dbus and so is not appearing on the network ok – although it works for network printing from Mac OSX.

I also have a netbook running Ubuntu 10-something too – this seems to run dbus fine and appears on the network ok, but printing is not working…

Most importantly the printer shows up on the iPhone :)

Looks like I need to open up the CUPS security a little more…

Found this link which showed how to make OSX find CUPS printers:


cupsctl BrowseRemoteProtocols=cups

This link talks about amending papd config files, but doesnt seem to help:

[still not there yet, work in progress]

Wait a minute – its working!  It takes ages to send it from the iPad/iPhone, but its appearing on the printer – yay!

PS Sisko is mainly used for Time Machine backups –

PPS I found this link with a script for generating the avahi service file, will give it a try.

It seems to work – though just as slowly :(