Backbone.js on Rails book – for $20 …

Hey you awesome Rails grafter,

Wondering if anyone is interested in getting this ebook/pdf?

Its currently $39 until 1st August, but they have a group (10 copies) option for $199 – which seems to have no restriction on who the 10 are (ie not the same company etc). Hence $20 per person.

So, the point of my post – anyone interested in combining with me on this? Its done via github accounts – the book is being written on there.

My thoughts are I’d pay the $199 and then you pay me $20.

If interested, please mail me direct via chris at kimptoc dot net.


PS Paypal is fine :)

PPS Names  9 – yay, ordered it!

PPPS +2 extra… wonder if there will enough for another group order :)  … or maybe one of the 9 will change their mind :(

Also thanks to Riccardo for the SD Ruby Backbone presentation link. Also found a Peepcode ($12) screencast too. Obviously there is also the official Backbone site too :)

NOTE – and this book by Giles


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