Things I love and hate about Node.js

I thought I’d try one of those link bait articles…


  1. Threads/no threads – since everything runs in the same thread, but written as if there are many threads via callbacks, it makes for easy multi-threaded apps.  Just make sure you keep things simple, using tools like asyncjs to control multiple callbacks- you dont want a callback pyramid of doom!
  2. Lightweight/fast – its a VM based language like Java and C#, but is already very fast to start.
  3. Same language client/server – less brainfarts when switching between code for the front end and the back end
  4. Dynamic – no need to tell the compiler what type things are, it works out what you mean.
  5. Its new and cool :)


  1. Its Javascript – there seem to be lots of “bad parts” to the language.  Thus I code my Javascript via Coffee Script :)
  2. OTT braces and semi-colons – [code]function() { var a=1; }[/code]. Probably this is hang up from seeing too much Java/C#
  3. Function based programming – and not in a Lisp like way – every other line seems to be a new function definition.
  4. Variable declarations – declarations get pulled up to the top of the block, so things might not work as you expect
  5. == versus === – see the bad parts link above :(
  6. No types – especially in function parameters. So you can get problems when you miss a parameter and so the function is doing the wrong thing with the wrong parameter…

I am still in the “honeymoon” phase – its benefits seem to outweigh the disadvantages.  Lets see what happens over the next 6-12 months…

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    Lisa Bowman December 26, 2012

    Good summary, thanks!

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