World of Warcraft Activity Feeds – now live!


A few years ago, the WoW Armory had a way (unofficially) to access a feed of updates for your in game character, eg gaining a level etc.  (or so I seem to remember, but maybe my mind is playing tricks…).

Then along came the new Armory site and that feed wasn’t available anymore :( ..

Last year, Blizzard came out with an API to access WoW character progress data and it was thought that an official feed would be produced. However 12 months later, there is no sign of a feed.

Recently I wanted such a feed, had a look around and finding none – decided to write one.  And its now live :)

As users of the WoW API have to be open source – the code is here on github.

The feed providers both character and guild RSS feed. Its largely based on the news/feed items that come with character and guild lookups but it also does track changes, eg when level changes.  This RSS feed can be used in many ways, from piping it into a feed reader to sending it to twitter, facebook or guild websites.

Its currently tracking over 150 characters and guilds.

Its built using coffeescript (aka javascript) and MongoDB – will probably do a separate post on that.